The jewel represents Julia’s inner connection to herself and the story she wants to tell to the public. A key to the profound truth.

JK EDITION is a jewellery collection created by the artist Julia Krahn, although Julia loves to call it an edition more than a collection, because the first jewel was born as an artwork linked to her Oblio performance in 2017.

The jewel is a talisman, a mantra, which the artist offers to the public.

The jewel wants to be a message, like an accessory tattoo, that always reminds us not to abandon ourselves and to become aware that the universe begins and ends within us.

More about the artist

“JK EDITION is about the light shining through the window when there is no window.”

The Story inside

The writing NE ME QUITTE PAS is linked to the performance in which the artist talks about her grandfather’s resilience being detained as German prisoner of war in Siberia until the end of 1949. Ludwig managed to resist thanks to hope and love, which helped him stay alive to meet his beloved wife Hilde.
During the performance Julia Krahn sings the eponymous song by Jacques Brel.

The Performance

Julia Krahn’s performance was born as a search for the sense of abandonment and the feeling of wanting to capture what is precious to us. It describes an ongoing attempt to have a moment of security about what exists, to have the certainty about the world around us and about of ourselves. But instead, nothing is stable, everything changes and time becomes past in the present moment itself. Forgetfulness is the reflection on the need to abandon the past, thoughts and sometimes ourselves in order to move forward.
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