“I believe beauty is a gaze of the heart, listening requires absolute silence and happiness needs a friend.”

Julia Krahn is born in 1978 and grows up in Aachen, Germany.
In 2000 she moves to Freiburg to attend the medical department of Albert Ludwig University. After a few years, she leaves her medical studies to follow her artistic call and moves to Milan, Italy.

Today, she lives and works between Milan and Sorrento, where she is opening a new creative atelier.



The Research

Julia Krahn is interested in people and their emotions. What makes a person human, apart from his or her body, what defines us as a person and what allows us to survive in difficult times.
In her research, Julia Krahn reflects on lost or unbalanced values in society, and faces major questions regarding family, ethics and religion as much as racial and gender issues. Her works range from very large dimensions dominating the viewer, as in the case of her giant wallpapers, to the minimal dimensions of cameos or miniatures suggesting an intimate dialogue and recalling the preciousness of the object and its perception.

Website Julia Krahn

Being able to show one’s emotions is a sign of a strong personality.

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